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  • XLR Mic Mute Switch with LEDs – Proof of Concept 2017 September 30
    Purpose I play music on stage, and that usually means using amplification (PA) systems. The bands I play with (Frost and Fire, The Turning Stile+, and others) typically have a bunch of musicians playing a host of instruments, each with their own microphones. Consequently, we need a lot of mic mute switches. The enemy of sound ...
  • RF Interference Testing the Naiant X-R Hypercardioid Mandolin Mic 2014 August 28
    Testing my Naiant mandolin mic to see how it handles RF interference from being placed next to a cell phone that’s transmitting data.
  • Mandolin Mic: Naiant X-R Hypercardioid 2014 August 28
    Mandolin mic setup with the Naiant X-R hypercardioid capsule. Pictures, sound files, and discussion.