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  • How to Test Thermostat/Thermal Fuse in Kitchen Tools 2017 September 14
    How to test thermostat and thermal fuse units on kitchen appliances (espresso machine, coffee maker, rice cooker, pressure cooker) with a multimeter.
  • Use Up That Zucchini – Googoots / Cucuzza Recipe 2017 August 27
    Delicious crispy caramelized zucchini with garlic, basil, mint, red wine vinegar, and olive oil. Easily scales up to use all the zucchini in the house, and it’s quick! Googootz!
  • Garlic and Red Wine Mustard 2017 April 16
    During a visit to my then-girlfriend Kyla’s parents just outside Boston in 2000, I was served the most delicious mustard I’d ever had. It was sharp, fragrant, spicy, filled with whole seeds like the maille à l’ancienne I’d loved in France, redolent with garlic, and absolutely impossible to stop eating. Never before (or since) had I seen ...
  • Identifying Dandelions in Autumn 2014 September 04
    You’ve still got plenty of time to make yourself some dandelion tincture before the snows fly. Here’s how to make sure you pick the right plants.
  • Finishing the dandelion tincture 2013 November 15
    Straining and bottling a homemade dandelion tincture (whole herb), with lots of photos. Part two of a series.
  • Alcohol tinctures – How much alcohol is needed? 2013 September 24
    I’ve seen conflicting advice on different herbal recipes when it comes to adding vodka to alcohol tinctures. Some say to add vodka to cover the herbs; some say to add vodka to cover with an inch or so of clear alcohol atop the herbs. Further complicating the issue is the fact that some recipes mandate ...
  • How to make dandelion tincture (whole herb) 2013 September 24
    How to make homemade dandelion tinctures for health and good digestion. Tinctures are easy and fun to make at home!