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  • Fermata / Rokeby House (sound recording) 2015 May 22
    A memorial for my grandmother, Ruth Whitney: “Fermata” and “Rokeby House”, both by Hollis Easter. Sound recording and musings.
  • Boylston Street (tune for the Boston Marathon bombings) 2014 October 25
    A peaceful waltz to honor and remember those who died and were hurt in the Boston Marathon bombings on April 15, 2013.
  • Making a new mandolin bridge 2014 January 15
    Homemade mandolin bridges yield significant changes in tone, volume, and responsiveness compared to standard bridges. Includes photos and sound samples.
  • Pipers’ Gathering 2013 Instructors Concert (listen) 2013 November 23
    Listen to music by Hollis Easter from the 2013 Pipers’ Gathering Instructors Concert in Burlington VT. Five videos on this page with liner notes. Bagpipes!
  • Jay O’Hara of Bourne (tune) 2013 October 04
    (The recording is at the bottom of the page) Last night, I wrote a tune while practicing mandolin. The first bones of it just arrived in my head and the rest came quickly as I played. I rewrote a few bits this morning to tighten it up, and this tune is the result. I pulled out ...