Mandolin Picks Comparison answer key

This is the answer key for my Mandolin Picks Comparison article. If you haven’t read that already, please consider visiting that page first so you can hear the sounds without bias.

To identify the picks and hear which sounds go with which mandolin picks, scroll down.

Mandolin Picks Full ID Key

Normalized (all samples set to 89 dB with MP3Gain Express)

Remember to leave a comment with your thoughts about how the different picks compare with each other, and check out my article on making your own mandolin bridge!

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4 thoughts on “Mandolin Picks Comparison answer key

  1. After. Long search I found literature on various aspects of this precious string instrument

  2. I honestly can’t tell the difference.

    Did you go into this trying to play each tune “exactly” the same? As in, did you have to do “more” or “less” to come out with the same sound? That’s kind of how I approach choosing a suitable pick, because I honestly don’t notice a difference with each pick, but I do notice how I use the pick to produce the same sound. Does that make sense? I’m pretty much at a default with the Golden Gate pick because I find it a lot easier to play with, but I confess that I have to work it a bit more to produce a sharper sound than some other picks I’ve used. But the other picks I’ve used, I find it a bit more difficult to play with (I can’t go as fast or I can’t “confidently” strum a chord with something other than the Golden Gate). It’s a conundrum. And, possibly, all in my head! I have to seriously this to be a very good possible problem with choosing picks. Eeks! Thanks

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