Monthly Roundup – December 2013

Here’s the quick monthly roundup for what I’ve written this month, organized by subject. I’ve provided links to make it easier to read the articles.


  • Car Games: I Kill Your Cows! 2013 December 28
    I Kill Your Cows is a fun (free) game of observation, estimation, and strategy for long car rides. This post provides rules and instructions.
  • How to Survive an Ice Storm 2013 December 21
    Quick guidelines for how to get through an ice storm safely.
  • Atomic Actions 2013 December 21
    Atomic actions are tools for preventing distraction and focusing your attention fully during times when it’s critically important.
  • The Problem 2013 December 04
    The problem, stated succinctly. This is why things don’t change.
  • Lies My Teacher Told Me About Common Core 2013 December 03
    I’ve been told all kinds of truths, half-truths, and outright lies about the Common Core State Standards. Let’s look at some data and bust some myths!
  • Hollis Easter Creations handmade jewelry — holiday sale 2013 December 03
    Holiday sale on handmade reclaimed hardwood jewelry by Hollis Easter. Ready to ship immediately.
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