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  • XLR Mic Mute Switch with LEDs – Proof of Concept 2017 September 30
    Purpose I play music on stage, and that usually means using amplification (PA) systems. The bands I play with (Frost and Fire, The Turning Stile+, and others) typically have a bunch of musicians playing a host of instruments, each with their own microphones. Consequently, we need a lot of mic mute switches. The enemy of sound ...
  • Dance Funding: A Proposed Experiment 2016 December 13
    Proposed experiment to make the amounts of money we pay dance callers/musicians visible to see how that affects what dancers are willing to pay at the door.
  • Fermata / Rokeby House (sound recording) 2015 May 22
    A memorial for my grandmother, Ruth Whitney: “Fermata” and “Rokeby House”, both by Hollis Easter. Sound recording and musings.
  • Boylston Street (tune for the Boston Marathon bombings) 2014 October 25
    A peaceful waltz to honor and remember those who died and were hurt in the Boston Marathon bombings on April 15, 2013.
  • Make Time for Short Practice Sessions 2014 September 22
    Practice more often, instead of worrying about practicing longer. These guidelines will help you make the most of your minutes and practice effectively.
  • Slow Tunes Down with REAPER for Learning By Ear 2014 September 10
    Here’s how to slow tunes down for ear training and learning using free software. It’s quick, it’s easy, and it’ll open new musical doors for you! Has video.
  • RF Interference Testing the Naiant X-R Hypercardioid Mandolin Mic 2014 August 28
    Testing my Naiant mandolin mic to see how it handles RF interference from being placed next to a cell phone that’s transmitting data.
  • Mandolin Mic: Naiant X-R Hypercardioid 2014 August 28
    Mandolin mic setup with the Naiant X-R hypercardioid capsule. Pictures, sound files, and discussion.
  • Mandolin Picks Comparison 2014 August 02
    How different do mandolin picks sound? Listen to 28 different picks tested by the same player on the same instrument and see what you think!
  • Mandolin Picks Comparison answer key 2014 August 02
    Answer key for the Mandolin Pick Comparison article.
  • Preparing for Work 2014 June 13
    Many traditions talk about approaching your work with focus and care. Here’s why preparing is important and how to do it well for any kind of work.
  • Making a new mandolin bridge 2014 January 15
    Homemade mandolin bridges yield significant changes in tone, volume, and responsiveness compared to standard bridges. Includes photos and sound samples.
  • Atomic Actions 2013 December 21
    Atomic actions are tools for preventing distraction and focusing your attention fully during times when it’s critically important.
  • Pipers’ Gathering 2013 Instructors Concert (listen) 2013 November 23
    Listen to music by Hollis Easter from the 2013 Pipers’ Gathering Instructors Concert in Burlington VT. Five videos on this page with liner notes. Bagpipes!
  • Play faster and better with this 1 weird old trick! 2013 November 12
    (Humor, partially) Scores of performers have improved their work with this 1 weird old trick, and you can too! It’s easy, free, and available anywhere. Click for more!
  • Jay O’Hara of Bourne (tune) 2013 October 04
    (The recording is at the bottom of the page) Last night, I wrote a tune while practicing mandolin. The first bones of it just arrived in my head and the rest came quickly as I played. I rewrote a few bits this morning to tighten it up, and this tune is the result. I pulled out ...
  • Using Metronomes Effectively – Part 1 2013 September 26
    Everyone knows you’re supposed to buy a metronome if you’re going to be a musician. It’s one of those pieces of wisdom that passed into our culture as an article of faith. Music teachers will all tell you to get one, but we rarely offer much help in terms of how to use them effectively. I’d ...