Spirit Airlines Doesn’t Care About Being Offensive

The other day, I wrote about my complaint about Spirit Airline’s ridiculous, offensive email making funny of the Jennifer Lawrence (et al) stolen nude photos thing.

Here’s what I sent to them on September 3rd:

Hi friends,

I was really upset by the promotional email you sent today aping the Jennifer Lawrence photo thefts. Here’s my response, with thoughts about what you could do to fix this.


Thanks for your attention. I would like to fly with you again.

And here’s their reply on September 6th (from Sylvia S., 75 hours later), emphasis mine:

Dear Hollis,

Thank you for contacting Spirit.

At Spirit, we’re all about saving customers money. Our innovative approach of promoting our ultra-low fares and charging for optional services helps us keep costs low and pass the savings along to customers. Because we don’t spend millions of dollars on advertising like other airlines, our email promotions are often attention-getting. Our intent was not to offend, simply highlight a great low fare in an off-the-wall manner.

We appreciate you letting us know of your displeasure; please know your comments, questions and concerns assist us in providing increasingly better service.

Spirit Airlines Support

The non-apology apology

Boiled down, their response reads like this:

“We’re a business. We’re a great business. We’re a cheap/poor business, so we use attention-getting tactics. We didn’t mean to offend anyone; we’re just zany. We get it that you’re upset; we’re ignoring your complaint but are providing increasingly better service anyway.”

They don’t think they did anything wrong. They think it was cute and “attention-getting”. Yep.

Notice that “we apologize”, “we regret”, “we’re sorry”, and “we promise not to do it again” don’t appear anywhere in their response.

Disappointing to say the least.

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