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  • How to Test Thermostat/Thermal Fuse in Kitchen Tools 2017 September 14
    How to test thermostat and thermal fuse units on kitchen appliances (espresso machine, coffee maker, rice cooker, pressure cooker) with a multimeter.
  • Six Thinking Hats at the Hotline 2015 February 25
    How well do you think? I’m not talking about your intelligence—I’m asking about how you use it. Are you getting the most out of it? How can you tell?
  • Using Twitter At Work: Basic Concepts 2014 October 12
    Quick-start guide for understanding Twitter, using it for work, and participating in professional networking chats in real time.
  • Using Twitter At Work: How to Get Started 2014 October 12
    Quick-start guide for setting up Twitter for professional networking and edchats.
  • The Protocol For Help 2014 October 08
    Five simple questions you should answer before trying to help others.
  • Checking In On Student Understanding With Thumbs 2014 October 03
    I use thumbs-up, thumbs-down, and thumb-sideways signals when checking in with students. It gives me fast, confidential, no-tech formative assessment.
  • Adjust Your Bike Brakes the Easy Way 2014 September 27
    Adjusting bike brakes can be easy and fast, and they often work much better afterwards. Here’s how I do it. It’s a great free upgrade!
  • Slow Tunes Down with REAPER for Learning By Ear 2014 September 10
    Here’s how to slow tunes down for ear training and learning using free software. It’s quick, it’s easy, and it’ll open new musical doors for you! Has video.
  • Identifying Dandelions in Autumn 2014 September 04
    You’ve still got plenty of time to make yourself some dandelion tincture before the snows fly. Here’s how to make sure you pick the right plants.
  • How to ask about suicide 2014 August 13
    How to ask friends and family about suicide and feel more comfortable starting the conversation. You can do this.
  • Why you shouldn’t say “suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem” 2014 August 12
    It’s not useful to say “suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem”. Here’s why, and here’s what to say instead.
  • Road Trip Games: I Kill Your Cows! 2013 December 28
    I Kill Your Cows is a fun (free) game of observation, estimation, and strategy for long car rides. This post provides rules and instructions.
  • How to Survive an Ice Storm 2013 December 21
    Quick guidelines for how to get through an ice storm safely.
  • The Sheriff’s Star: Arithmetic Solution 2013 November 27
    An arithmetic solution to the Sheriff’s Star problem. Suitable for math students of any age (homeschoolers, public school kids, whatever!).
  • The Sheriff’s Star: Playing Math! 2013 November 26
    How can you make a regular 7-pointed badge for the Sheriff of El Dorado County without a protractor? Does it work with any number of points? We’re playing math!
  • Triangles and Pyramids: Playing Math! 2013 November 10
    Triangles and Pyramids Playing math! I like playing with math. These days, I don’t need that much math for my daily life–enough to calculate whether I’ve got enough gas to get from A to B, to balance my checkbook, to budget for the training class I’m starting, to figure out expenses on Frost and Fire‘s new album… ...
  • Fears In A Hat: A Facilitator’s Guide 2013 October 28
    Fears in a Hat: A Facilitator’s Guide by Hollis Easter, (c) October 2013 Fears In A Hat is a good introductory team-building and group process exercise that gets people focused on good listening, encourages them to share vulnerability and build trust, promotes empathy for callers, and starts the process of forming groups and high-performing teams. It takes ...
  • Why Are Tweets Missing? 2013 October 27
    Why are tweets missing? Twitter hides some tweets with @usernames at the beginning of the line. This is confusing and unfriendly; here’s how to fix it.